The Central Office staff provides assistance to all Maine Indian Education employees.  The listing of personnel and their responsibilities below provides some guidance as to whom you can direct your question or concern.


Office of the Superintendent


Linda McLeod is the Superintendent of Maine Indian Education.  She is responsible for all educational programming, for all personnel, budgets and all allocations.  Linda is responsible to the three school committees and the Maine Indian Education Joint School Committee.  Linda submits documentation of programs and services to the BIE and to the DOE, and she is responsible for all matters relating to hiring and firing of staff.  Linda has also been known to provide assistance to those interested in purchasing a computer through the program offered by MIE.


Wanda Barlow is the Administrative Assistant.  She is responsible for a variety of activities including the following:

Arranging for travel arrangements for professional development activities/conferences/workshops

Managing and organizing all materials relating to school committee meetings (at the individual schools as well as the Joint School Committee)

Maintaining all personnel records/contracts and related databases

Posting new positions for hire and responding to applicant inquiries

Documenting incoming revenues from BIE, Maineís Department of Education, and other various sources


Amy Francis is the receptionist, health insurance specialist, and she provides support for pension plan enrollment and maintenance.  She will also direct your call, provide you with general information, and she will greet you when you arrive at the Central Office.


Business Office


Tammy Ginn is the Business Manager and oversees all matters relating to salaries, employee benefits (pension programs, payroll deductions, computer purchases through MIE, etc.), and budgetary issues.  Tammy works with the three principals at MIE to develop annual budgets which are presented to and ultimately passed by the school committees, and she is responsible for monitoring the status of revenues and allocations throughout the fiscal year.


Those responsible for Accounts Payable, Payroll Clerks and Bookkeepers for Maine Indian Education and the three schools assist employees with a number of tasks that include but are not limited to:


Employee benefits (disability insurance, reimbursements, Maine Public Employee Retirement System issues)

Records relating to sick, personal, or professional leave

Bill payments, reimbursements, purchase orders, and travel advances


Lynn Mitchell is responsible for Accounts Payable, the Payroll Clerk, and Bookkeeper for the Beatrice Rafferty School


Judi Johnson is responsible for Accounts Payable, the Payroll Clerk, and Bookkeeper for the Indian Township School


Tahnee Neptune is responsible for Accounts Payable, the Payroll Clerk, and Bookkeeper for Indian Island School and the Central Office. 


Curriculum Development


Beth Clifford is the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Coordinator.  She can provide information relating to educational programming at Maine Indian Educationís three schools.



Facilities Department


Eric Altvater is the Facilities Manager and is responsible for the buildings and grounds at all three schools as well as at the Central Office.  He oversees all repairs and maintenance of buildings and grounds as well as maintains records of inspections and other related documentation.



Special Education Department


Janna Stacey is the Special Services Director.  She is responsible for all special services programming within Maine Indian Education.  She authorizes and oversees individualized education plans and completes and submits all required documentation to the BIE and Maineís Department of Education.  Janna attends IEP meetings at the three schools and provides assistance to the special education teachers across the three schools.


Adele Moore is the secretary for the Special Services Department.  She arranges IEP meetings, maintains paperwork and student files relating to special services programming, educational testing, and related documentation.  Adele manages paperwork for professional development activities, special services purchase orders, and other associated items.